I am a born again Christian seeking to follow God’s will for my life and to obey that will. In doing so, I want to give praise to Him for all He has done and is continuing to do through this time on earth He has granted me.

I pray that as you peruse the pages of this BLOG you will find it to be a refuge, a hiding place, a strong tower where you can run in times of trouble.  Feel free to leave comments to encourage others as I pray God will guide to this site those who are seeking His Peace.

As of this date 08/20/11, I have no choice but to make a very specific rule that must be put in place due to the working of our Holy God and the many people from all walks of life but specifically those from Satanic Coven backgrounds that are now coming to this BLOG…this place of REFUGE.

Due to the ad-hominem attacks against Kelly and one who WAS a Satanic High Priest by the name of Eli, I am forced to take action against any who do not take heed to practical warnings regarding very ugly personal attacks against these and ANY member of this BLOG. There is no room or reason for such activity on this BLOG that was raised up from the Lord to be a PRAISE PLACE…and place of REGUGE. There are not many places where certain people, who have been rejected all their adult lives due to their choices of who or what they freely have chosen to be, where they can come and NOT be judged in a way that is spiteful, hateful or in a way that passes judgment outside the perimeters of the Bible. I want you to know that no matter what you have done or who you are, YOU ARE LOVED and you are WELCOME here to ask questions regarding how to meet the Lord Jesus Christ.

All that is asked of you is that you treat each member with respect. Here, you will not be called names such as “Evil” even if you ARE a Satanic High Priest. Here you will find you are WELCOME as long as you show the same RESPECT for us that you desire for yourselves.

If anyone is warned once in writing in the BLOG regarding their replies to someone or as they introduce themselves to the BLOG but do so in a derogatory tone that is meant to be hurtful to Kelly, Eli or any member of this BLOG, they will be given one more opportunity to show the same maturity and respect they would want of themselves. Just do not purposefully seek to cause a problem of willingly ignore these simple rules of respect. Disregard the second warning and you will be banned. This is not three strikes and you are out. This is two strikes because the first blow is usually the worst. After you have been warned the first time, you will have one more opportunity to change your attitude so we can have a respectful and valuable conversation with you. Break the rule a second time and your time here will be over. Sadly.

I DO NOT WANT TO BAN ANYONE! Thankfully that has never taken place on this BLOG and it is my prayer that those who are hurting so deeply and seeking a place of true refuge, will be honest enough to express such. If you don’t understand why Kelly is the way she is, just express this, but do NOT attack her personally. This will not be tolerated.

I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Respectfully in Christ,

Jeff D


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Marion5522 said

    Thank you! In scanning I’m already fascinated!

  2. Jeff D said

    Good morning Marion,

    God bless you! Thank you for stopping by. Please don’t be a stranger now you hear? I look forward to getting some of your great insight.

    In Him,


    • Marion5522 said

      Thanks Jeff – but you give me too much credit! Any “insight” I have is all thanks to God. Hindsight when I didn’t realize he was in control, Holy Spirit leading now that I know Christ, and God’s gift of humor that allows me to laugh rather than cry at everyday situations including my own.

      God bless, lead, and protect you as you continue to be a warring leader for His cause.

      Grateful to be included.


  3. rjane2000 said

    Oh, How Awesome is OUR GOD!!! I have tried to reserve the word Awesome for God and His mighty works in this world and in my life. Our God is an Awesome God. (And this is a great song too!)
    I listen to Jeff D on the radio. I call in with all kind of “middle of the night” ailments. He prays, as well as the listening audience, and GOD USUALLY HEALS ME in about fifteen minutes. And if not, I know I am to learn something from what I am going through.
    In 2003 I had an intestinal blockage, had surgery and almost died and spent 20 days in a hospital in Dallas. In the early morning, lonely painful hours, I would cry out to God for relief. For I had complications that the medications they gave me did not work. I was “spoken to” by God in a heartfelt way, that, “My SON suffered much more pain on the cross, surely you, rjane, can trust me to get you through this!” For I have found that I am not always delivered from situations, but that I ALWAYS have HIM with me through the situations. God indeed is an awesome GOD!!! Praise you Jesus, Thank you Father, for the LORD inhabits the praises of his people!!!

  4. rjane2000 said

    ALSO, PLEASE PRAY for me to make our home a haven of rest and peace on this earth for my family, especially my husband. As our children are already grown and gone from home, I find that I need to provide this hard working man a place of calm, not chaos and clutter. Oh, Dear Lord I pray, for the organizational skills, energy, and stamina to do this one thing and be more of a Proberbs 31 woman…

  5. Jeff D said

    Good morning RJane,

    Thank you for visiting and please accept my apologies for taking so long to get back to you.

    I pray your headaches are getting better and not just that but that God is taking them away by His healing power.

    I will indeed pray for your home to be a haven of rest. That is such a great request…one that I am seeking to see come true in my own home.

    Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words. They are greatly appreciated more than I can say.

    You are precious in His sight RJane. The enemy doesn’t like that so you know the battle is on and will be until Christ returns. However, I think I know you well enough that your relationship with the Lord will help sustain through these difficult times. But please know that I started this BLOG as a place for REFUGE…not unlike Refuge radio.

    Please don’t be a stranger OK?

    God be with you and bless you mightily.

    In Him,


  6. Kelly said

    Brother, I finally have sat to read some here in your blog posts, and hope you will continue to share your thoughts. There have been a few of your posts that speak directly to the place where I have once walked, and as I read your words, all I can say is God is Great, and Victorious over the Darkness.. Thanks for exposing the very core of who, and what Jesus is .. You exemplify Christ, in your deep desire to speak, and teach Truth according to His Word..

  7. Jess K. said

    Ok, so I am here now, and have read some of what you written already, Jeff.. I dont feel like i fit in here with you, and the people that comemnt . I dont nkow what alot of this means, so I feel lost. But I will keep reading if you keep putting up with my questions, ok?

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