The Half Time Show – A Woman Rides the Beast?

February 3, 2015

LA Marzulli’s take on Katy Perry’s halftime performance from Sunday’s Superbowl game.

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pps-small8Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural!

The current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.

L. A. Marzulli

A woman rides the beast?


The Katy Perry Super Bowl Half-time show, began with a giant UFO, a Mother-ship, sucking everything up into it.  Here’s the link (above) if you haven’t seen the ad yet.

Was the Pepsi ad hype, good PR, a way to grab everyone’s attention?  Or was it something more?  Was it a signal to those who wait the coming of ET?  Is there a group of people who know about the reality of the ongoing UFO presence and could this be the coming great deception which will lead to the New World Order, the one world government prophesied in our Bibles?

The UFO then landed and became the stadium and then, in the center of the “ship,” we saw…

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2 Responses to “The Half Time Show – A Woman Rides the Beast?”

  1. Linda_from Toronto said

    Hi Jeff – trusting you and your family are all doing well now, especially after earlier bouts with the flu!

    Have just watched a Pastor Mike Hoggard video on symbolism dealing with “The Devil’s Horns” – very interesting one, even if a bit long (just over 1 hour). He discusses the symbolism biblically and relates it to what has been/is being promoted to the masses by the pop music/entertainment industry, etc., its influence, and where it’s all headed prophetically.

    With your most recent topic being “A Woman Rides the Beast”, I thought it might be of interest or relevance to some who visit your blog. Here is the link:

    Blessings to you and yours,

    – Linda

    p.s….btw…missing some of the warm fellowship on L.A.’s blog, too, as a lot of us are, no doubt….:(

  2. Linda_from Toronto said

    Another recent example of what is being pushed with subliminal advertising:

    Euro Games 2015 – ‘Rising out of the Abyss’

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