Regarding Rose, Ruggie and Snowbrain. Just a Heads UP. Please Pray

August 8, 2011

I am personally praying this is not needed, but basically this is a pre-emptive action in case the enemy has won an unbelievable war that has been going on somewhere else as he seems to have gotten a foothold.

By the time I am able to read this again, I should know for certain what my own personal status is regarding staying at a place that has been such a beautiful place of not only True Refuge, but a place where the Lord has been receiving Glory and Honor that is due His Name for His incredible LOVE.

At this time, I cannot go into detail regarding the situation as many of the people who are subscribed to this BLOG are “out of the loop” to put it gently. That is by no fault of their own. It is only because the Lord opened up this HUGE door for ministry, hence the reason for the last entry here.

SO…those who already know what is going on and the sadness of it all, please know that for now, this might be the temporary or permanent “Go to” place. I just don’t know. I AM thankful it is already here so we can come here and continue in our small community of worshipers seeking Jesus and His perfect will and sharing His Perfect Love which casts out ALL fear with those the Lord has brought our way. I don’t know what else to do right now but wait to see the outcome of my last PM’s to the owner of the site and the one who sadly caused GREAT consternation among every new believer that has contacted me or I have heard contact my ministry partner Kelly.

I pray all will be worked out at the other site and we will still be able to continue SHOWING THE WORLD just how AWESOME is our God and His BOUNDLESS LOVE.

Even in this room with an updatd version of Windows, I am still having trouble as I type these words. I can’t use this site on my PC I use in FM Control as it is so out of date, it cannot handle the new WordPress template. But as Don Moen encourages me and many others almost every night, “God Will Make A Way”. AMEN and AMEN.

As SOON as I know something, I will let you all know.

In Christ,

Jeff D


The REAL account and TRUTH of how all this happened is documented with the very messages first sent that began what the enemy sought to use to bring us all down. To know the TRUTH behind the madness you must actually read the replies within this post. The Lord has brought what the enemy tried to keep silent and in here it is being SHOUTED from the roof tops. Know this, the enemy did NOT win after all. The very Adversary of our King Jesus does what he does so many times due to his pride; he out-smarted himself and tipped the balance FURTHER towards the LIGHT that is Jesus Christ.

Thank you to all who have come to visit as The Lord raised up this BLOG to provide REFUGE for your soul. And to get to that place of REFUGE, we sometimes have to walk through some dark alleys in order to get to the TRUTH. Remember the Words of our King Jesus, “The TRUTH shall SET YOU FREE”.

Inside is the TRUTH.

Peace be yours.

11:53 pm CST


16 Responses to “Regarding Rose, Ruggie and Snowbrain. Just a Heads UP. Please Pray”

  1. kelly said

    THe hot war is on if the last post by ” Ru..” means anything today. My question is as I read it this morning.. ” Why now?” has this happened.. you will understand the question when you read what is written.

    I know that I can not, will not, and do not want to be a part of the enemie’s foothold in anyones life, on or off the ” Christian football field”.. I see the dirty playing happening before our eyes yesterday, and unless there is a powerful take down by the Lord in the attitude of the one with the ball, I am sadly going to leave the ” game” because it is not who I am , or what I choose to participate there..
    My thoughts, and I shared that yesterday with the punter , ” RfK” was that God leads lost souls, from covens, or not, to the very places that HE knows willbe true to our faith – HE led our hurting brother from that dark place of his understanding, to this Thread of Hope ministry, and it is OUR faith , and responsibility , for lack of another word, to minister in LOVE to whom Jesus has entrusted us with for this season of time. So, if there is no bond of fellowship with that forum , and the brothers, and sisters, because of one persons attitude of fear and control, then I am gladly, and respecffully leaving to go where Jesus Christ WILL be Honored for the work He has set upon the lives of you, Jeff, and I,..

    God is a Bigger God, than the fears of the darkness that those in that forum/ thread which is becoming more injurious than peaceful.. Just saying.. baseball is just as good as football in the game choice.. ( sorry, but I see sports as a way of saying there is not just one team to root for )…
    Lets keep praising strong today, as we both know, PRAISE DISPELS the DARKNESS, even inisde places where Christ is said to reside..

  2. Jeff D said

    Thank you Kelly for your response. You are SO right when you say “God is a Bigger God, than the fears of the darkness that those in that forum/ thread which is becoming more injurious than peaceful..”

    I am making this quick reply on the PC I use nightly to see if it will even work. It barely does. I do NOT have the ability to make NEW posts from this PC so I will be going to and fro seeking to make the best of what Satan wants us to think is an impossible mission…continue to help these young converts grow in their new found faith as well as continue the “Thread of Hope” ministry that God raised up.

    The enemy of our souls won a great victory at that Forum, but that is all he has done. God has raised up a small but VERY strong army of TRUE BELIEVERS in Jesus Christ and He WILL see to it that what He began, He WILL complete.

    Please when you can, send them all the link to this PRAISE PLACE that He began as it says in the Picture up top as “A place of Refuge”.

    We WILL STAY VICTORIOUS in Christ Jesus our KING!

    In THAT name,


  3. kelly said

    Will send them the link, brother..

  4. Jeff D said

    For all who come here from the Forum, I am compelled to seek to do what I can to help explain at least from my own personal standpoint how Kelly and I came under attack and will share with you the message that rocked my world Sunday morning as I was heading into the Sanctuary for worship. This first post is from Rose…the one that started it all in my opinion as I was completely blindsided by this as you all know by now.

    You can read for yourselves and I ask you prayerfully allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your hearts regarding this matter. This is going to be a long thread of going back and forth so please bear with me. This is Rose’ PM to me:

    “Dear Jeff,

    We have been reeling from bewilderment since you and Kelly surprised us with inviting Eli to join the forum.

    I understand that you are zealous to win his soul, and that is an excellent goal; but do you understand the negative impact this could/has had on the young converts from the covens? This forum, especially this thread, was supposed to be a safe place for them to come for encouragement, fellowship, prayer, answers to questions and a place to share hurts and discouragement. They have now scattered like mice. The perception of safety on this forum is shattered.

    This situation is like a father bringing home a pedophile to his children so they can be “witnesses” to him.

    I know this was not your intention, but why did you not consider the possible impact of this action? And why did you not contact Ruggie, as site admin., or Jennifer, a doctor of psychology who specializes in abused young people and has been working closely with these people, to help prepare them and the other members of this forum for this move?

    You have also made promises to Eli that “whatever is said on the forum, stays on the forum,” and obligated us to accept him WITHOUT OUR CONSENT!

    Jeff, it is so difficult not to be angry about this. This is unfair to us, to the other forum members, and especially to Eli himself! He already senses that you have overstepped your boundaries here, and that his presence makes us uncomfortable.

    That also puts us in another untenable position: do we lie and say everything is peachy, when it’s not, or do we ask him to leave and confirm in his mind that Christians are bigoted and unloving?

    Jeff, your actions have put us in a real bind.


    I had to respond to this while missing the Worship Service while using my iPhone which is NOT easy if you have ever had to make a LONG reply. Below is my reponse to Rose:


    I will be the first to apologize for what seems to be a MAJOR CONFUSION FACTOR taking place. There are more than enough assumptions running rampant in my PM box this morning that I can’t help to be deeply saddened.

    I feel compelled to clear a couple of these glaringly wrong assumptions if may. In doing so it is my prayer you hear my heart Rose.

    1) I had zero knowledge of Eli being invited to this fine Forum until I saw he was here. In seeing him here, for me personally, I was overjoyed that he was willing to take such a huge leap of faith by joining a group that is so foreign to him, my first response was to welcome him here in the same fashion Christ Himself would. I ask you Rose, having one so heavy on your heart in prayer suddenly appear at the very place you go to find refuge among fellow brethren, would you not be excited to see him or would you discuss whether or not this lost, hurting and searching soul should be allowed to stay? I fully understand your apprehension since you personally know NOTHING of this man other than what Kelly and I have shared with you, but I assure you, his sudden appearance was just as big a surprise with me as it was for you. I knew and still know nothing of how Kelly encouraged him to join a place where he would naturally feel shunned except for HIM to join and be wiling to learn only further proves to me the Lord’s hand was in Kelly’s invitation.

    2) Trying to use the analogy of inviting a child molester to my home with my children is akin to a slap in the face…and an ugly slap at that. This Forum is no one’s “Home” where people are living, eating, sleeping and making their lives. It is a PUBLIC gathering place where ANY person has the right to join just as Ruggie being the owner of this PUBLIC place, not a “Home” has the right to censor or ban. But Rose you analogy in my humble opinion crosses the line.

    3) My comment about “What is said on the Forum, stays on the Forum” was my personal message to Eli regarding the things he opened his heart and shared with me the night before. I was simply assuring him that what we had discussed here on chat at the Forum, STAYS HERE ON THE FORUM. In other words, to help clarify for any who obviously did not understand my intent but made assumptions, what he and I discussed wasn’t leaving this place…meaning I would NOT share our conversation with anyone, yet I just broke my word with him in a attempt clean up a mess that seems the enemy of our souls is doing a great job of doing. And that sickens my heart.

    Rose, I give you my word that NOTHING concerning Eli has been done behind ANYBODY’S back. How this suddenly went from sharing the Gospel with the least of these to bringing a pedophile home with my children to witness to him has baffled me beyond bizarre.

    Did I truly miss something about loving Eli?

    From what you said it sounds like there was a roundtable meeting blowing things entirely out of proportion. Just to inform you, YES I strongly consider every day the ramifications of Eli being here.

    And until I received your message, I thought his open willingness to abide by the rules was cool with Ruggie by what I had read.

    I am sorry Rose. I just don’t understand the reason behind your tone of this message. I am not above correction and rebuke and always welcome it when warranted. I just don’t know what suddenly happened to warrant this. I honestly don’t.

    However, I am willing to listen.

    I just pray Satan doesn’t take what IS being used for good and turn it into evil.

    In Christ,


    To which she sent this back:


    You have shown your attitude very clearly. Thank you for responding.


    I was again SHOCKED by this and could not believe what was happening before my very eyes. I sent her this reply back:


    I took the time to respond to your original post to me and you send back this cryptic reply. I am being 100% honest when I say that I don’t understand this.

    Would you please elaborate when you say, “You have shown your attitude very clearly.” Rose, PLEASE be courteous enough to either rebuke me correctly if indeed I need rebuking or have Ruggie do so, or PLEASE help me help YOU and ANYONE else better understand why there is this confusion as we ALL know God is NOT the author of confusion as I am 100% POSTIVE none of this should be going on, especially after Ruggie placed this in the very public Forum that to me, leaves this a non issue:

    “Very, very, very, well said Kelly ! God Bless You ! You understand my position very well. Yes I will be praying for you Eli and you are welcome here, like I said no way, would I turn anyone away from the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s love and foregiveness of sin. As the Lord said: Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you.

    I really think Eli has be respectful and understanding of my position here, and I do think He is seeking the Lord !

    So too relax the atmosphere here, everything is fine !


    I have been in much prayer about both my responses before as to HOW to properly respond as in the first I honestly felt personally attacked, I am VERY sad to say. And in this response from you after I tried my best to rebut your points as Biblically and insightfully as I could, I receive what I can only call “Cryptic”.

    Can I not get a legitimate explanation so we can either discuss this to where there is NO confusion or so that we can put this behind us, that the Lord my CONTINUE to do what He has been doing from the start…receiving DUE Honor and Glory for His Love for EVERYBODY, regardless of status, person or locale as He brings these hurting souls OUT from the darkness and into His Eternal Kingdom?

    Thank you again for hearing me.

    In Christ,


    I FINALLY got a response from Ruggie followed by an immediate reply from Rose. Here are both of them as they came back to back as in a tandem.

    First Ruggie:

    “Hi Jeff,
    I’m now in a situatuion where I can’t turn Eli away, but I still think Kelly and you should of ask first, before inviting him here. His background is very evil and wicked and I won’t have that here. It’s only out of respect, and seeing Eli’s intentions are that He’s seeking, that I let this matter go on for now !

    Eli will be monitored very closley in the coming days ! But I do hope He repents and turns to the Lord, if not, then His days could be numbered here.

    Jeff, He’s a Satanic Priest still, I can’t have that here. Think about the others and I’m really against it. I was put in a bad situation, and so was the Staff !

    Please, next time you or Kelly plan this, ASK us first if it’s ok. Both you and Kelly can deal with these people personally through emails and your radio ministry, but bringing them here as Satanic leaders and being unsaved is an Issue with the staff and myself. I explained why in other posts, and to Kelly as well.


    Then Rose again:


    This letter did not come from just me, so we need time to come to an agreement. This letter was approved by Ruggie and the other moderators (except Lisa – she was out of pocket this weekend), so I cannot and will not speak for them or put words in their mouths without their approval.

    Ruggie’s comments were directed toward Eli. It is not his fault that you and Karen have overstepped your boundaries and he will not be treated badly on the forum. As I said in the letter, you put us in a terrible bind.

    You said that this is a public forum: it is open to the public. It is the intellectual property of John Ruggianno, and everyone here is his guest.

    Eli isn’t really the issue. The issue is whether you and Karen are operating in the Holy Spirit, or whether you’re operating in a spirit of pride that will open the floodgates to evil on this forum.

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but you’re going to have to wait for an answer until we all come to an agreement. Eli, however, will NOT be banned from this forum as long as he behaves himself, so you can rest easy on that account.


    My final response had to come from my iPhone about a block away from my house as my car idled due to us having lost ALL ability to have any internet connection all day Sunday and Monday morning. I tried in vain in sending what wound up as my last PM as I did not receive a response from anyone. All was quiet in the PM box after this last message and has been quiet since. Here is my last PM addressing Rose while I meant to copy Ruggie and Kelly on this but because I was using my iPhone, the copy option would not work. Regardless, here is what Rose received from me:

    “Rose, Ruggie’s explanation I fully except and respect as yes this IS HiS intellectual property but ANY Person has the right to join as there are NO RULES stated as who can join and who can’t or why.

    Again, I do not dispute that permission regarding Eli should have been asked, however that is beyond my control as I had no knowledge until after the fact but I know Kelly’s intention is ONLY to see Eli LOVED to Christ. She is seeing the hopes of that happening at the great Forum by your consistently hurtful approach to one who truly wants one thing with Eli, and that AGAIN is to see him LOVED to the Lord BY THE LORD’S own people. However, now you have changed tactics from using the false flag example of me bringing a “PEDOPHILE” into my home and now trying to say we are not operating in the spirit but in a spirit of pride.


    Rose you did semi address one of the three points in which I personally felt attacked by you in your original post and didn’t bother with the other two. I did not spend my time replying to your attacks against me personally only to have you now insult my spiritual life.

    Like I said, I am all for Biblical reproach and correction and welcome it. But fear mongering and insults is not of God. I have great respect for how Ruggie has handled this entire ordeal that was brought on by the LOVE OF CHRIST by one who is SEEKING the very Christ this Forum is modeled after, but Rose if seems you are oppressed with FEAR of Eli himself. This is all my mind can gather from your very sudden bizarre and un-Christ like behavior regarding YOUR position as a Mod. And Rose, you are single handedly about to give the enemy the victory he so desperately has been seeking in this attempt to show Jesus Christ to Eli.

    Ruggie it is my personal opinion that Rose need to recuse herself from this situation as she clearly does not look upon this objectively through the eyes of Christ. I have NO idea why the sudden freak out from one who has show herself to be strong in the faith, but it appears there is a great and personal fear in her own life regarding Eli and I can tell you her comments addressed to Kelly and I have caused our young Brethren to ask why a “mature” Christian would cause them so much distrust in her by her actions regarding Eli.

    This is a VERY sad event I am seeing unfold that is about to cause MANY people from the old life to leave this place as they no longer feel welcome here as just WEEKS ago, they too are where Eli is now, searching to know the Truth of Jesus Christ. How can you expect them to grow in their faith here when Rose is involved in a smear campaign based on fear of Satan instead of the LOVE of Jesus Christ.

    I am sorry Ruggie but I will personally not abide these little ones in the faith to be treated by Rose the same way that stereotypical Christianity has taught them all along is really true.

    What you do with the thread is up to you Ruggie. Rose I am praying whatever fears you are allowing to overcome your LOVE for your fellow man will be rebuked in Jesus name and you will be set free.

    God is God and I am not. He allowed a sweet season of TRUE CHRISTIAN LOVE to flourish to SATANISTS on this Forum to display how He truly does love them. I refuse to believe that JESUS CHRIST will be the downfall of something He raised up. Instead it will continue to flourish as He alone directs.

    This is such a sad and unnecessary day.

    Respectfully in Christ,


    I believe by now you were all sent the last post on the Forum I will ever make as it was deleted within minutes of me writing it. I tried my best to speak for each of you as I was the one responsible for opening this thread as the Lord lead back in April after Heather had come to Christ.

    All we can do now is leave the Forum behind and start over. If the Lord leads you to stay on the Forum, I STRONGLY urge you to FOLLOW HIS LEADING and not anything I might personally keep you from obeying His will for your life.

    As this BLOG states, it is a place of REFUGE. I needed to put this in the open so you would each have the opportunity to know the Truth from my perspective since I have not been able to truly talk to any of you but Kelly who is hurting worse than I can imagine.

    PLEASE, don’t take what you have witnessed at the Forum and allow Satan to steal your JOY in Christ and do NOT allow him to tell you the lie that “All Christians will let you down just like what happened to you at that so-called CHRISTIAN Forum”.

    Let us move on and be glad. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us REJOICE and be GLAD IN IT.

    Thank you for taking the time to hear my heart and my own personal battle in this sad, SAD story.

    Respectfully in Christ,


    • tyler B said

      All i can say, dude is this whole screw up is because someone like Kelly is doing what God calls us all to do – that is to love our neighbors like Jesus would. Its people like rose who are decieving people with their supposed love for Christ, whiule at the same time are scared of the very enemy that we have full power over in Christ.. if shes so scared to trust in God, who she says she believes in,especially when someone seeking a better life with God comes knocking, then wonder what it would be like when shes really faced with ‘ evil ‘ all alone- because I read in the bible Jesus doesnt like lukewarm followers. He will spit her out of his mouth as the bible says. she or ruggie will be caught in a boat without a paddle in number 5 rapids if you know what I mean.

  5. Jeff D said

    Heather, our sweet Sister, you are very right when you say “they are cowards in every way”. This is backed up by their words vs. their actions and we all know “Actions speak louder than words”.

    I just went back there to clarify some quotes that I thought were correct and noticed that Ruggie has now LOCKED THE ENTIRE THREAD.

    These are Ruggie’s exact words to Kelly: “Yes I will be praying for you Eli and you are welcome here, like I said no way, would I turn anyone away from the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s love and foregiveness of sin. As the Lord said: Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you.

    I really think Eli has be respectful and understanding of my position here, and I do think He is seeking the Lord !

    So too relax the atmosphere here, everything is fine !

    Ruggie” (Emphasis mine)

    He actually wrote this on the evening AFTER the attacks began on the Sunday morning BEFORE he wrote these disgustingly and sad LIES to Kelly and Eli. Yes, Ruggie LIED to our dear friends because Kelly dared to be Jesus to Eli.

    I HATE bringing this all out, but for those of you wanting to know the TRUTH…this is it. And as Jesus said in John 8:32, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    After the next day (Monday) being a day of many PM’s being sent back and forth between Rose and I which you read above and I don’t know what all was sent to Kelly by Ruggie, Rose and Jeff(Snowbrain), Ruggie presents this terribly flawed attempt to hide the TRUTH behind yet another LIE.

    He LOCKED THE THREAD with these words, “
    I’ve had these Coven threads pinned for over a month or two ! I think it’s time to have these in the regular mix of things now..

    I do think it’s taking away from the other threads and spiritual matters in this subforum, that aren’t getting many responces. It has been great seeing some come out of the Satanic Coven, but there are other, just as important Biblical topics, that need attention as well.

    Ruggie” (Emphasis Mine)

    Once more, were this TRUE, he would have had moved this thread LONG ago, instead just LAST MONTH, he personally asked me to BEGIN THIS NEW THREAD because the original was already 26 pages and still growing.

    The depths of deceitful know no boundaries. Once you begin to lie, it is SO very hard to keep up with that lie, so you have to lie more and more to make up for the things you forgot regarding the TRUTH that you left out. Ruggie is a very sad example of why Christians are labeled the hypocrites we ALL are as Christians. There is not ONE Christian that is NOT a hypocrite. You can put me at the TOP of that list of hypocrites. I personally KNOW that to tell a lie will get you one thing…TROUBLE in the eyes of the Lord for His Justice can be SWIFT.

    I just read Psalm 11 on the air and want to share it here for any who may want to flee and run right now because of where you find yourself in this terribly sad conflict. Just as King David was thinking about fleeing again from Saul, he penned the words to this Psalm:

    Psalm 11

    1 In the LORD I take refuge.
    How then can you say to me:
    “Flee like a bird to your mountain.
    2 For look, the wicked bend their bows;
    they set their arrows against the strings
    to shoot from the shadows
    at the upright in heart.
    3 When the foundations are being destroyed,
    what can the righteous do?”
    4 The LORD is in his holy temple;
    the LORD is on his heavenly throne.
    He observes everyone on earth;
    his eyes examine them.
    5 The LORD examines the righteous,
    but the wicked, those who love violence,
    he hates with a passion.
    6 On the wicked he will rain
    fiery coals and burning sulfur;
    a scorching wind will be their lot.
    7 For the LORD is righteous,
    he loves justice;
    the upright will see his face.

    May the Lord bless us all with His Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness and the ability to LOVE during these uncertain times.

    I do pray you understand my needing to state my point of view on this matter.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

  6. john said

    How dare you place blame on Ruggie, and others for the way Kelly and you think you are being treated!!!
    Reading the accounts of what you both wrote, and what has been said about these two dedicated, and powerful servants of the Lord makes me ANGRY knowing how much they love to spread the news of Christ, and you making them sound like they are at fault for how you are being shamed. How ignorant , and arrogant can two people be!
    Ruggie, and Rose’s knowlege, of what is to come in the spirit world, is because of years of educating themselves biblically which goes unprecendented , and for someone like Kelly, who comes out of a Satanic coven, doing evil, to criticize and shame this brother, and sister in Christ for how she feels – how dare this judgement passed by that scorned woman who is nothing more than a hypocrite herself. May the Lord fall his sword of judgement upon both of your heads for shaming my friends as you have!

  7. kevin said

    Dear John,

    “How dare you” , your own first three words, are words to put anyone on the attack, and it just shows how far the enemy uses words to shame and hurt other people . Your words put that into practice, and it starts with attitude.
    Kelly taught me in my trying to understand Jesus before I began my PERSONAL relationship with Jesus, that words are sometimes our enemy. THey either bring us down, like your ” how dare you ” is, or they lift us up, like the Words of Jesus do.. Maybe you can see that the situation that Ruggie and Rose’s forum thread thing did in word to both Eli, and Kelly didn’t do squat but bring pain as they attacked the very core of Kelly , which IS Jesus, and shamed Eli into thinking that he is SO evil he will never be any different..
    But here the thing, Mr John.. This guy, my buddy, Eli , is different because hes at least honest with asking, and searching for TRUTH in Jesus, instead of following just the words of other people like Rose and Ruggie who dont back up what they preach.
    Maybe you can see beyond the trapping of the enemy in thier thinking, because it most definitely is not Spirit led in the way that Rose attacked both Jeff, Eli, and Kelly.. What a shame to see words bring such ” spiritual ” darkness from 2 believers to someone truly seeking after Gods truth..

  8. gregg said

    the problem isnt with Rli, its with you inviting that guy to come into a forum thats all based on JEsus and exposing his life of sin and pain from Satans exposure to the rest of the Godly brothers and sisters, that follow Ruggie and Rose’s faith. ITs people like YOU that shame the rest of us by letting in the spsirit of evil from your own life, and taking away the spirit of God from our lives. THat I have the problem with , kelly.. Your heart was not to ask if it was appropriate to expose such evil to the rest of us. IT is YOU who is to blame, not ruggie, rose, or even Eli.
    Maybe you should hear the voice of God clearer before you jump to thinking you understandt what you say you hear from the Holy Spirit. Ruggie and Rose both hear Truth , and live out truth on the blog, and thats why there are more who follow them, than ever before.

  9. kelly said


    Dude, the problem is..not with me, nor with you , nor with Eli. It is with the enemy taking hearts, and twisting them to fit his deceptiion. Just knowing that my heart is seeking to be more like Jesus, gives me the hope that Eli will see Jesus in me, and not in the words that I might type out. I sincerely pray for God to be seen in me, and my actions , not just in word.. Words will not be what anyone sees of Jesus, UNLESS they are backed up by Grace, mercy, and most of all, the LOVE of Christ..

    Eli has said repeatedly that he doesnt understand why I love him the way I do. Dude, he asks REPEATEDLY how , if he comes to Know Jesus like I do, how he will love others who hate him..
    Gregg, what I tell him, which is what I have told all the others who have walked into Freedom from satanism, is this:
    You will LOVE others, as you learn and experience the TRUE LOVE of Jesus for youself..
    Gregg, ( and anyone else who might read this with malice in your heart ) , just know that I am praying you will someday see Jesus as the Word says He is, and you will come to understand that Love for yourself, rather than bring empty, and harsh words born out of the dark, and not born of the Holy Spriit..

    You are being prayed for, Gregg.. Count on it, man, count on it.
    Pit Bull Kelly

  10. Tyler said

    oh oh, Gregg.. you won’t have a chance, if Kelly, the Pit Bull is praying for you.. Seriously dude, when she sets her heart to praying for someone, the Lord will swoop down, and cover you in LOVE , and even if shes the one praying , GOD is the ONE acting on that very prayer.. Just sit back, man, and feel Gods presence start to change your heart – HE will.. no doubt about it – ask any of us who walked out of satanism, after she prayed us all out..
    I will join in the prayer for you to find truth in just what Jesus is doing through Kelly, and Jeff, and their ministry to hurting people..

  11. Jeff D said

    Greg, please be so kind as to explain in more detail not just your motives to CONTINUE to personally attack my Sister and very dear friend Kelly, but first…please explain this: “the problem isnt with Rli, its with you inviting that guy to come into a forum thats all based on JEsus and exposing his life of sin and pain from Satans exposure to the rest of the Godly brothers and sisters, that follow Ruggie and Rose’s faith.” Greg, you have just placed yourself in a conundrum as you left the door wide open to expose who you truly are.

    There are very few conclusions that can be drawn from your opening statement. 1) You are VERY young in the CHRISTIAN faith of Jesus Christ and don’t understand how to formulate a intelligent argument to back up your faith (this is called “Apologetics”). 2) You are a narrow minded-one sided “Devotee” of Ruggie and Rose who sent you here to fight THEIR battles. 3) You are a simple Internet Troll or 4) You have no faith in Jesus Christ whatsoever so “Trolling” around Christian themed sites to stir up trouble is your way to try and hurt other people because you are hurting. That is why Trolls do what they do.

    Greg, please explain just exactly what you mean and who you are talking about when you describe, “The rest of the Godly brothers and sisters, that follow Ruggie and Rose’s faith”. Are these people nothing more than spiritual infants…just like ALL our new brothers and sisters who have JUST left their lives of Satanism for the NEW Life in Jesus Christ…but they “Follow Ruggie and Rose’s faith” instead of following Jesus Christ? What exactly is “Ruggie and Rose’s faith that any man would follow and why does it have to be the faith of these two rather than faith in Jesus Christ alone? Please be so kind as to answer.

    Your next statement/attack: “ITs people like YOU that shame the rest of us by letting in the spsirit of evil from your own life, and taking away the spirit of God from our lives”. Gregg, Kelly has shamed NO ONE by being Jesus to Eli. Ruggie, Rose and “Snowbrain” are the ones who are shamed by their reactions to seeing one who just like you who is a sinner, except Eli is a sinner SEEKING to know Jesus Christ. But keeping up the facade that “You are welcome here Eli” on the Forum is sadly more important than the TRUTH that Eli was no more welcome than Satan himself.

    RUGGIE LIED Greg! Plain and simple. We have ALL the evidence. It is those at the Forum “in charge” that did the shaming and through YOU Greg are continuing to bring shame on the Forum. Very sad.

    Please also explain in your attack on Kelly how exactly is she responsible for “Taking away the Spirit of God in our lives”.

    WOW! That says a LOT about either who you are or what you are as this is a statement of 100% ignorance of the Christian Faith in Jesus Christ. Do I REALLY need to go into detail and explain to you how it is literally IMPOSSIBLE that Kelly or ANY person or even Satan can take away the “Spirit of God” from you…that is assuming you truly have the Spirit of God, i.e., the Holy Spirit indwelling you in the first place. I have an entire post called, “The Assurance of Salvation” on this BLOG you might what to read. I am serious Greg. If you TRULY believe that Kelly, ANY person or even Satan can take away the “Spirit of God” from you, then that explains a great deal regarding the entire mindset of those “Running” the Forum.

    Also, for your information Greg…Eli is no and has no “spirit of evil” as you just referred to Him. If you have proof otherwise, please provide it. Again, this is just a plain sad, misguided and misunderstood understanding of the basics of the Christian faith. So Greg, how exactly is Kelly responsible for letting in the spsirit of evil from [her] own life”? Please be so kind as to answer this Greg.

    Next, “THat I have the problem with , kelly.. Your heart was not to ask if it was appropriate to expose such evil to the rest of us. IT is YOU who is to blame, not ruggie, rose, or even Eli” Do you even realize how much you sound EXACTLY like “Snowbrain” right now? Just curious if you realize that or not. Not just any Mod…but “Snowbrain” in particular. Yes, I have seen his PMs and putting yours and his side by side is eerily similar.

    So you claim to know Kelly’s heart now? And what is it again EXACTLY that Kelly is “To blame” since you seen solely fixated on her alone? NO WHERE is there a disclaimer that ANY person must have permission before they can ask someone else to join the Forum. If Ruggie wants “Christians ONLY!”, he needs to be mature enough to advertise his site as such. And if he is skittish of having ANY person the “Church crowd” and the world would shun, then again, he needs to be mature enough to advertise the BLOG as a place where these criteria must be met. He has ZERO argument in this specific arena because he does not do such advertising of his inner fears. Again, please be so kind as to back up your “Argument”. Thank you.

    Greg, I can easily see how you can be just one in a LONG line of posers that pretend to be Christian for the sake of causing chaos in the ranks of the Body of Believers by how you so recklessly structure your “Argument”. But time will tell as to who or what you really are. Again….VERY sad and getting to the point of heart breaking.

    Thankfully we are almost done with your diatribe: “Maybe you should hear the voice of God clearer before you jump to thinking you understandt what you say you hear from the Holy Spirit”.

    Greg…what evidence do you have to provide all of us here that Kelly did not hear from the Holy Spirit? Honestly Greg, by what paradigm do you judge she did not hear from the Holy Spirit? Are you saying that you personally DID hear from the Holy Spirit regarding this issue of being Jesus to Eli? Does it even MATTER to you that Eli did join the Forum because he WAS and still IS SEEKING JESUS? Or did the “Voice of God” speak to YOU, Greg and tell you that Eli is not worth having at the Forum because at the time, he held the title and role of “Satanic High Priest” and therefore was not allowed into the courts of the Pharisees. It was the Pharisees who openly professed as you are doing how others do not hear from the “Voice of God” and only THEY can RIGHTLY judge who is worth the Kingdom and who isn’t.

    The bottom line is that you personally as the alter ego of either Ruggie, Rose or Snowbrain do not seem to understand that Jesus would NOT have turned Eli away from the Forum, much less LIE TO HIM PUBLICLY or in private about him being “Welcome” there. No, Jesus would have done just as Kelly did…invite him as a guest in the house of everyday sinners to feel WELCOME amongst the rest of us sinners present.

    Lastly: “Ruggie and Rose both hear Truth , and live out truth on the blog, and thats why there are more who follow them, than ever before.”

    This literally makes my gut wretch for the sorry stench that fills every word of pride which each syllable you type. Greg, I ask you…what is Truth? I also ask you, after the Truth that has been presented by Ruggie and Rose and CAN and WILL continue to be presented as need be, how do they “Live our truth on the blog” when again, Ruggie OPENLY LIED TO ELI FOR THE WORLD TO SEE? This is what you call living out the Truth? Please be so kind to explain your answer.

    Greg, your very last few words made me laugh out loud because of the simple ineffectiveness and obvious insecurity happening at the Forum right now. You chose some very curious and pride filled words here Greg; “That’s why there are more who follow them, than ever before”.

    Follow THEM? “FOLLOW” RUGGIE and ROSE? Greg…again, this shows that either you are so brand new as a Christian that you are a spiritual infant that is not able to formulate even a simple sentence to argue your point to be convincible in the Truth that from your standpoint is painfully missing or you are a Troll. Possibly even an alter ego sent here by the very two you consistently lift up above Jesus Christ Himself for the sole purpose of TRYING to save any dignity that MAY be left there. Were there any to save from the atrocities Ruggie alone committed in public by his own hand when he lied to Eli and everyone else who comes to the Forum, what MIGHT be left is miniscule. However, IF the Lord allows, on Ruggie’s Forum, he might weather the storm since he has personally blocked me so that I cannot get into the PMs he and Rose sent me that would further damage the reputations that are of upmost importance to YOU Greg. Interesting, how their reputations are so important to YOU “Greg”.

    Speaking of the Forum…since he had no other choice than to try and cover these sad and disturbing lies by running off ALL of the new Christians who came fresh out of their Satanic covens, you are now trying to cover Ruggie’s own insecurity by saying “That’s why there are more who follow them, than ever before”.

    Greg, this was just a failure all the way around on your part. EPIC failure on your part and so very sad to watch how those from the Forum put self-pride above Servanthood to Jesus Christ alone that the Forum, from YOUR argument Greg, is only about Ruggie and Rose…and never ONCE about Jesus Christ and how He would and still does reach out to “The least of these”.

    As documented earlier in this very post, Rose indicted both she and Ruggie with her own words when she said the following: “Jeff, it is so difficult not to be angry about this. This is unfair to us, to the other forum members, and especially to Eli himself! He already senses that you have overstepped your boundaries here, and that his presence makes us uncomfortable.” Angry? Angry because she was not consulted first regarding someone ASKING if it is OK to LIVE Jesus to one who is SEEKING Jesus even while he at that time held the title of “High Priest” of a Satanic coven? And then she speaks FOR Eli and puts words in HIS mouth by informing me of what he “Senses”. She even admits his very “Presence makes us uncomfortable”. This is enough to make God puke her out of His mouth in MY personal opinion.

    And here is where she dug the graves for them both: “That also puts us in another untenable position: do we lie and say everything is peachy, when it’s not, or do we ask him to leave and confirm in his mind that Christians are bigoted and unloving?. “DO WE LIE”? For her to even ASK that question tells the entire sad saga of just who and what we are dealing with. Someone ASKING if they should lie. There is a LOT to be said about personal ethics in regards to someone who is charged with “Moderating” a Forum. Someone who is WILLING to lie if need be to protect the PERCEPTION that they DON’T lie says all that needs to be said of this person’s hidden agenda. And this is SICKENING. She finally summed it up with her honest feelings about how she personally along with Ruggie would “confirm in his mind that Christians are bigoted and unloving”. That is EXACTLY what she and Ruggie did with Eli by their actions. But I do not have any desire to put words in Eli’s mouth. He has spoken plenty on this BLOG regarding the damage they have personally caused to ALL who are true followers of Jesus Christ.


    So Greg…this is my final warning. If you do not answer with a rebuttal of each of the points that were brought to light in my response to you and instead come back one more time with these personal slurs against Kelly, you will be done here. Plain and simple.

    TRUTH is paramount and it is TRUTH that will continue to shine on this BLOG as it has from the beginning. Jesus Christ is TRUTH as He personally proclaimed in John 14:6.

    Again Greg, respond to my points to your personal vendetta against Kelly or this WILL be your last post on this BLOG. The same goes if you come back and say you don’t have to respond. The fact is…either you do and do so in a mature manner or you will have made your last post here Greg…and I don’t want that. What I want is the Truth to be made manifest so Jesus Christ ALONE will be Glorified.

    And as Kelly said to you personally, I echo; You are being prayed for, Gregg.. Count on it, man, count on it. And this coming morning, you will be prayed for by thousands of prayer warriors as your name goes over the airwaves and internet asking these warriors to intercede on your behalf that Jesus Christ may truly show you the Way, the Truth and the Life…and not Ruggie or Rose or ANY other human being you place above our King, Himself as you are showing yourself to be doing here on this BLOG.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

  12. Jeff D said


    Brother, it is good to see you here. Thank you for taking up for our sister and speaking the TRUTH about her never waving LOVE…that PERFECT LOVE THAT CASTS OUT ALL FEAR.

    You are a prime example of being in the same situation Eli is facing right now. No longer is he even in a Satanic coven, much less the “High Priest”, he is just as you were…a man who LEFT his former coven and seeking the Truth that is Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for your encouraging words Brother and thank you for fighting this Good Fight for our King Jesus.

    In Christ,


  13. kelly said

    Kellly here.. I realize you might be on the attack , as Jeff asked you some pointed questions about why you feel the need to put me , and my faith , down.. I realize also that as I have spent the last hour or so in prayer for YOU, Gregg, the one thing that I keep being drawn to ask you is this very next question.. But before I do that, I want you to know that if you decide NOT to answer Jeff, because of out and out refusal, that to me, its ok, because for some reason I don’t believe you are part of Ruggie, and Rose’s forum , which is out to draw me or Jeff into a debate about who is right, or who is wrong.
    Gregg, I dont know you.. never heard of you before you posted that first commet, but what I do know of you, is this, which leads to the question.. What I know is this about you, and I have spent time listening to the Holy Spirit is that you have been hurt very badly by someone who has said they are a believer.. Now mind you, Gregg, I dont know that for fact, but I do know enough about being hurt myself by other believers in the past, and as recent as the whole forum exposure, to know when someone is lashing out in pain, because they are IN pain..

    So with that, and I truly believe I was given this ” eyeview” from the Lord about you, I am asking you , in all honesty, what can I pray for you about, so you can walk out of your deep pain, and hurt, Gregg?? HOw can I pray for you, because whether you answer or not, I am led to pray for you, as that Pit Bull Warrior Woman that God knows me as .. My faith is real, it is active, it is strong, but it also is with sin, and with hurt just as anyone elses… But I know when I go before the Lord in prayer, GOOD things will happen to the one I am lifting before my King.. Because He hears , and answers in the best way for those being prayed for.

    So again, whether you answer Jeff or not, how can I pray for you specifically, brother – because I will be doing that even if you can’t or wont answer..
    Rest well, Gregg.. for this is what I am praying for TONIGHT, so that tomorrow, you will begin to feel the Holy Spirit moving in your life to show you Truth, and bring healing to your hurting heart..
    YOU are LOVED, Gregg, and that PERFECT LOVE, does, and will cast out all fear you miight be hiding behind..

  14. Jeff D said


    Your answers THIS time is a game changer. THIS time you were open and honest and dude, that makes ALL the difference in the world here.

    Like Kelly said as it has been true since the day the Lord led me to create this BLOG, this IS a place of REFUGE…and you ARE welcome back. Again, like Kelly said, just share your heart. NO ONE is going to judge you.

    Yeah, I laid it on you pretty hard and thick in my response to you and I did so as the Lord led me. Kelly responded with a 180 as she was led of the Lord. Bottom line is she CANNOT overstep any boundaries as we are MINISTRY PARTNERS and IF there was ever something that comes up were one of us does think we are crossing the line, we call each other on it and the Lord works it out usually within about 2 minutes. That is no lie. We are in this for the LONG HAUL my friend and until God says “No more” we won’t stop loving on people who hurt others and those who are hurting with our tough love and the tender love from the heart of God.

    And Greg, please KNOW that I mean this when I say you are truly welcome to come back because HERE you are among friends. You will NOT be shamed. You will NOT be judged.

    Now that we truly know where you are coming from it changes everything since you were honest.

    By the way…thanks for coming back and reading what Kelly and I wrote back to you…now, let’s talk. OK?

    Respectfully in Christ,


  15. gregg said

    I keep being drawn back here, which I don’t understand. Its got a whole different ” Feel ” to it here than it did on the Watchman forum. why?

    I could get away from there, emotionally, wihtout feeling guilt for some reason, but here, I can’t get the posts that were written, OR the comments in alot of them out of my head. LIke I said earlier, this SUCKS. I dont feel like I should be here at this blog, to be honest. I wont be back.. but its not about you putting me down, man, its about me not fitting in here with the likes of Kelly or you..

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