What I Pray

April 15, 2011

When The Night Is Falling

What I pray is for those who are hurting so bad because of the evil one to come to know full healing. But before they can receive their full healing they must know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

For a month and a half now, I have been overwhelmed with emails from hurting souls because of the Lord using “A Thread of Hope” by Dennis Jernigan. Please listen to it for yourselves at http://www.dennisjernigan.com and experience what the Lord has ready for you or someone you know that has suffered from any form of abuse but especially childhood abuse.

God is setting captives free and He has opened my eyes to a world I always knew existed, but now I have been brought into their world and am experiencing their pain from an outsiders point of view.

If you want freedom from the lies that the enemy has heaped upon you maybe for decades, please call 1-888-NEED-HIM. They are there 24 hours a day to listen to you cry, talk with you, pray with you or whatever you need. They are licensed counselors who God is using to bring help to those hurting.

Please, if you need to vent or if have a PRAISE because of the goodness of our God, know you are welcome to do so here. Even through you don’t see many people commenting, they are reading as I am able to see how many people visit this site on a daily basis.

This BLOG was originally started as a place of Refuge. A place to come and praise God so we can get away from all the ugliness in this world. God is using it how He sees fit and that is exactly just what I need. He is in charge, not me.

Again, if you need to talk, please feel free to do so here because I promise you, there are people who are members to this BLOG who have been through the worst you can imagine. Just think about the most horrible things a child can go through, and there are people subscribed to the BLOG that have experienced worse.


In Christ,


2 Responses to “What I Pray”

  1. H.C. said

    ok, so I am here. I won’t promise you I will believe this stuff though. But I will read it becuse I want to know what you and Kelly are saying about jesus.

  2. Lorie said

    II just found this blogsite , and went into that website with Thread of Hope. I didn’t know what to expect, and frankly, wasn’t really thinking about listening to it . But I did. and it broke open some LONG AGO wounds, I have not even thought about in decades . Wounds I had as a young pre teen girl.

    But the thing is I can identify to that little girl in the story, just with the hurting. Not with the healing. I dont know that abuse like I experienced will ever be able to be healed or forgotten.

    I just wanted to say that the girl in the story must be a very , very strong woman to go through so much hurt like the story said.
    Maybe some day, I will be like her..
    Lorie A.

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