God Is Doing Something New

April 12, 2011

As I am sure is obvious, many of you may by wondering why I haven’t followed up on the previous post as I declared I would be doing a series on born again Christians and our beliefs, why we care about others and why it is so important to know how to defend your own faith in Jesus Christ.

Since the last posting, not only have some major changes been happening in my own life and the life of my family, but since the night of Feb. 28th, 2011, The Lord has seen fit to begin an impromptu ministry that began when Dennis Jernigan sent me a message asking me if I had heard a brand new allegory/song he had done called “A Thread of Hope”. I told him I had not and he strongly encouraged me to go to his website http://www.dennisjerigan.com listen to it. If you go to his site, scroll about halfway down and on the right side of the home page you will see it.

If you are new to this site, and have never heard “Thread” before, I exhort you to spend some time in prayer before you listen. Then after you listen, to spend some more time in prayer. You will understand after listening.

DJ was in concert at a local church in Fort Worth on the night of the 28th. He had sent me his new CDs and one of them was to be “Thread”. However, when I came to the station on Saturday the 27th, all the CDs were there except for “Thread”. I met with DJ before the concert and told him for some reason it did not arrive with the rest. You could instantly read the look of almost pure consternation on his face as he asked me if I had a blank CD which I did not.

We had both talked about airing “Thread” on Sunday night because as soon as I heard it, I knew the Lord was moving in my heart to put in on the air. I told him not to worry as God would make a way. Sure enough, I was able to pull of his webpage in one of our Production rooms and pull it up in the main FM Control studio and play through the board. The entire piece is almost 3o minutes long. The station at which I serve is unique not only in that it is listener supported but because God has blessed me with the privilege of playing what I feel the Lord is leading me to play. Basically, no other radio station would touch “Thread” being played on the air. However, most other radio stations are not like the one where I serve.

After the concert that Sunday night, my wife and I went home after enjoying seeing DJ doing what he does best and that is bringing praises to our God wherever it is the Lord has sent him to minister. I took my quick power nap and came into the station to begin the program which begins at 11 pm on Sunday nights.

I had given the audience plenty of time to know what was going to be aired and the nature of the piece to be played and asked them to please be in prayer that God would use “Thread” in whatever way, He sovereignly chose to use it. After it was over, I asked the listeners to either call in or email me their thoughts on it and if they thought it should be played again.


It was not until after 1 am that I heard from anyone and when I did it was not about “Thread”. I wasn’t sure what to think but I knew from past experiences that God works the way He chooses and to trust Him which is what I did.

That night, I got an email from the woman who was the inspiration behind “Thread” and we began to send emails back and forth getting to know each other and how we were both acquainted with Dennis Jernigan. She informed me that he had told her it was going to be played during the first hour of the show so she wanted to know how things went.

Well, the second night, the emails began coming in. The next night, more emails. The third night even more. It was clear to both me and “Kelly” (the pseudonym for the woman behind “Thread”) that God was doing something but we weren’t yet sure what.

It has now been over a month and a half and the emails still are coming in from women who, like Kelly, were abused as a child. There have been emails from men who are falling under conviction of the Holy Spirit for being involved in homosexuality and the shame they feel for what happened to them as little boys which led them to great confusion about who they are as men and want to know how to find that shepherd the little girl in the allegory talks about and found. That is the one main theme that God has been showing us through each and every night we get gut wrenching emails…people are hurting and have been for decades. They thought they were able to cover up those terrible and horrific wounds from childhood but when they hear “Thread” for the first or the third or even fourth time, the tears cannot stop flowing and their whole world is turned on its head. They literally don’t know what to do. So many of them have had to take time off from work as God is dealing with those past hurts and leading them to Himself that they might find healing and complete restoration of who they really are…beautiful women and men created in the image of God.

Right now as I write this, Kelly and I have been so overwhelmed with the shear amount of emails that it is impossible for me to keep up with them…even the ones that God leads me to send to Kelly as He has formed what can best be described as a “Tag team ministry” where I help with those I can and she helps with those she can.

All I know is that God brought us together for a purpose and a season. People are being broken as the Holy Spirit uses Kelly’s story through “A Thread of Hope” to rip open old wounds, some decades old. He is setting captives free and we are totally humbled to know that we are a small part of His big picture plan to bring hurting souls to Himself.

Will you please pray for us? The last thing the enemy of our souls wants is for those who he has had trapped for so long to find even the smallest glimmer of Hope. And that is exactly what they are finding through the healing power that the Lord used by the testimony put to allegory/song through “A Thread of Hope”. To say the enemy is attacking us, especially Kelly is an understatement.

We don’t know where God is leading this impromptu ministry but we pray that wherever He chooses to take it, those that have been victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse such as Kelly, those who are victims of childhood sexual abuse and all other forms of abuse that no child should ever have to suffer, will continue to find that glimmer of Hope they never though possible and that He would continue to give us wisdom and discernment as to best give Him the Glory and Honor He is due.

In Christ,


2 Responses to “God Is Doing Something New”

  1. kelly said

    jeff, knowing how the Lord has His hands on this impromptu ministry, and those that seem to be flocking to the help they need from years of pain, and wounds from abuses of all kinds, all I know to say is that we serve a POWERFUL God, who wants His ‘ children ‘ , those wounded, and in pain, to cry out to Him, just as the Thread of Hope allegory led me to crying out for help, and hope that followed. You , and I , both know the sheer amounts of hurt that is being directed to you ( and, then I sometimes ) via calls, and emails, but one thing we are assured of in all this breaking of souls, is that our ABBA , Father, will be, and is there, in the middle of it all – for those crying out in shame, and for us, when He leads us to ministering to whomever asks. I know you know this, but I pray for you, not only in the ministry on kcbi that God has led you to do for this season – but prayers go up as you write this blog, and share the way to the Light of Christ. Your heart is bigger than Texas, buddy, and I am humbled to get to know it just a tad bit more every night.

  2. Danae said

    I heard you air the story of Thread of Hope the first night you played it. I couldnt believe what emotion erupted in me as it ended.. It left me shaken, inspired, broken , not just for me, but by Kelly’s courage in allowing it to be aired. As I have read some of these posts here on this blog, and feeling such pain for her from the words of the comments by those on whatever site they come from, it makes me really, really sad that they do not know the strength of this woman’s faith, AND the strength that she possesses just to have gotten through life as she has.

    And now to read of Kelly reaching out to a Satanic High Priest of a satanic coven, in LOVE? All I can say is Kelly, you are the perfect example of Christ, not only in word, but in action.. Thank you, sister – you are an example for me to learn from, as a follower of Christ.

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