Urgent Prayer Request

November 1, 2010

I am re-posting this from L.A. Marzulli’s BLOG where I placed this earlier this morning. I am doing this because I know the majority that visit here are true and pure prayer warriors and I thank you greatly.

This is why the Body of Christ is so important as I just got this through my email where I serve:

“I have a friend with a most urgent prayer need tonight. I’ve posted it on Facebook, sent it to my prayer partners, and wanted to alert you to this need before going to bed.

My friends, Sheila and Jeff, (precious Christians), have a beautiful 14 y/o daughter, Jessica, who is in Children’s Hospital on suicide watch in the eating disorders wing. Her blood chemistry is dangerously out of balance and she’s been near death. In this condition she escaped from Children’s and was alone, hospital gown, no money, no id, and according to the doctors was very near death wandering the streets near Parkland Hospital and the Dallas Market Center…at night! She was gone for almost 4 hours before they found her and got her back to the hospital. She is in critical condition, has lost 60 pounds, weighs only 100# now and is probably 5’8″ and should weigh 140. Her bulimia has ruined her teeth, her hair is falling out in clumps, and she has dark circles around her eyes. She was a gorgeous girl. Now she looks almost like those last pictures of Karen Carpenter. There are 2 critical prayer needs, first of course for her complete and total healing. Next, insurance issues. Her insurance coverage is about to end and the insurance company is insisting she be dismissed later this week. We need a miracle here!

I’m telling you all of this so that you’ll understand the severity of the problem. Just to pray for Jessica, in critical condition and on suicide watch at Children’s Hospital with eating disorders. And to pray for favor with the hospital and with the insurance company that she can stay and get the help she needs. We need a miracle and I know of no other way to get it but to gather God’s people to pray.

Pray for her parents too. They have been through the fire with Jessica and they need a healing touch from God too. Also the little brother, 10 y/o and now forced to be by himself far too much.”

I thank you in advance for your prayers for this family.

Also, I want to personally thank those of you who have chosen to stand in the gap for my own precious family as I too had an urgent prayer request. We have been under the strongest attack from the enemy that I have ever seen and it is still ongoing, however not nearly as strong as it was when I posted a couple of weeks ago. We still need MUCH wisdom and discernment in the area(s) in which we are in battle. Thank you all so much.

In Christ,

Jeff D


4 Responses to “Urgent Prayer Request”

  1. Marion5522 said

    In my prayers. What a heartbreaking situation for all involved. Prayer will be in the Spirit. The situation so touched me that I must shy away from praying for what I would like to see and pray for the perfect solution which only God can provide.

    You and yours remain in my prayers as always.


  2. Jeff D said

    Marion and SH,

    May the Lord richly bless you as I know the two of you to be some of the strongest prayer warriors I have ever encountered. Your faith is an incredible blessing.

    I don’t like to be so impersonable, but below is a copy from L.A.’s BLOG of an update I just receive a few minutes ago:

    Yesterday I posted a very urgent prayer request from someone that I shared with you here. I want to thank you with all my heart for your willingness to intercede on behalf of this family as you have been doing for mine. Below is an update I just received:

    “Hi Jeff,

    Update on Jessica…there’s really no change. Still in critical condition on suicide watch and lock down in the eating disorders wing of Children’s Hospital, refusing to eat, wants to hang herself. She is suffering from severe bulimia, her weight now a dangerous 100 # for her frame. Although not much has changed in the physical with Jessica, we fully expect a miracle because thousands and thousands of warriors are now praying for her, thanks in a huge part to your sharing about Jessica. I posted an urgent request on my facebook status update, and have had a big response from that, as well as those people sharing with their prayer groups and on and on. Please keep sharing Jessica’s critical situation and I’ll keep you updated as I get news. Praise reports will be coming soon! One praise report I do already have is that although her insurance expired at midnight last night the hospital has not dismissed her because she’s too sick and her condition requires the state-of-the-art facilities available at Children’s. They will no doubt want to release her as soon as they can but they won’t until her condition has greatly improved.”

    As Brother Lynn said yesterday, “We need to lift Jessica in prayer…. Break the bonds of the enemy that holds her in Yashua’s name…”

    Thank you all as I pray that by the testimony of this young girl God Himself will be glorified and the enemy of our souls soundly defeated in this attack.

    In Christ,


  3. Jeff D said

    Lastest update on Jessica:

    “Physically improving and able to keep small amounts of food down. Emotionally not doing so well. She is in denial that she’s sick and is just biding her time, doing what she needs to in order to get out of there. Her attitude has not improved at all. She just doesn’t get how sick she is and appears proud of what she’s done and how much weight she’s lost. Her body image and self esteem are at a rock bottom low. She has a really long road ahead. Please pray for her complete healing – physical, emotional, and attitude, and that she will see herself as the beautiful child of God that she is. And she is gorgeous, although now she looks years older with hair falling out, dark circles around her eyes, and teeth being destroyed. Bulimia is a wicked disease that traps so many innocent children.”

    Thank you for your continued prayers.

    In Christ,

  4. Kelly said

    Jeff, I, too, struggled with anorexia as a young woman, in my early twenties. I never thought that there was any hope for me, and as I kept struggling, to the point of being 70 pounds, and very sick physically, and emotionally at that point, for some reaosn, I began really listening to those that were trying to tell me it wasn’t about food that the problem was, it was about me feeling powerless over situations that were part of my life. Because I see today , as an adult, that my choices to eat, or not eat was what kept me in that dangerous place, I still to this day, have to make the choice, a conscious choice, to either feed my ” brain ( temple ) , or starve myself ( and my spirit ). God will not force His hand on me, nor will He force me to partake of spiritual food, or physical food.. I feel powerful in the sense that God, who designed me to live in a perfect body because of His design, only wanted then, and now, to have me healthy and whole. Its not an easy battle, for Jessica, I know.. Trust me thats a hard path to be on, and I am praying for her, and her famiy to know , and recognize the struggle that got her to where she is today. I hope she is doing better, and gaining weight, yet seeing the issues that cause such behaviors to spiral.. Please pass along to your friends, that I am praying, and that I am grateful at least that they are there for their daughter, whereas some parents will not, or are not capable of extending their hearts to their child who is suffereing great pain , and resorts to such deadly behaviors.

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