Finding Comfort In Times Of Trouble

September 14, 2010


“He will cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”
Psalm 91:4 

This is one my favorite passages of Scripture to quote overnight at the ministry where I serve.  It gives me great comfort every time I read it.  All of Psalm 91 I believe the Lord gave to me to be my personal Psalm in the first year of my marriage back in 1992.  

I was 27 years old and woke up in the middle on the night with the very strong impression from the Lord that I was to get up and read Psalm 91.  Keep in mind that at that time I had never read all the Psalms even though I had read the New Testament 3 times.  But for some reason I was being led to read this specific Psalm. 

After reading it, I believe I knew why.  Faith has always been my strongest spiritual gift, followed closely and immediately by Exhortation.  To this day when I read the entire Psalm, I still find tremendous comfort. 

I make the parallel to watching movies where someone is standing alone for their beliefs and in doing so they know they have to forfeit their life.  They are willing to die for what they believe in.  I also believe this is why the Alamo has always had such a strong and special place in my heart.  When I am confronted with the images of a person willing to lay down their life because of a greater cause, I am prompted to know that I may one day be called upon to do the same. 

As many of the Alamo defenders were believers in Christ, they knew theirs was a just cause and they were going to leave this world behind and enter into the Kingdom of God…OR…God would somehow deliver them and they would only watch as their enemies fall at their side. 

I know to anyone except me that may be a weak analogy of Psalm 91, but that is what it means to me personally.  I believe and KNOW that God can deliver us from ANY trouble we are facing.  I have done check after check of my spirit in my mind concocting about as many different scenarios of martyrdom as one can possibly come up with in an effort to prepare myself may the day ever present itself.  However, I know that no matter what my mortal mind can think of, it most likely will never be what God has ordained for me before He ever created the world. 

Yet, I still fight on in my mind and when needed, with my mind and body to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Some day…and I believe it will be sooner than later…we will be called upon to take a stand.  At that time, the world will learn who are True born again Christians and who are just wearing the facade on Sundays. 

If I am here at that time, I will be quoting Psalm 91.  God may allow me to literally live the plot of this wonderful Psalm.  Then again, He may choose to allow this tent that holds the real me to perish at the hands of unbelievers.  

Either way I win.   I don’t say that to say, “Look at how strong MY faith is”.  No, I say this because of conviction.  I see too much in my life from those who claim Christ as Lord but their actions show otherwise.  It doesn’t win you any popularity contests when you confront someone out of love about this topic.  But then you wonder why the Body of Christ is on life support today.  I believe it is because of this very reason…we are afraid to confront those who refuse to live out what they claim they believe about Jesus Christ. 

One day, doing so will get you labeled a bigot and a hate-monger. In a world of subjective emotionalism, such a thing just won’t be tolerated. After all, we must have tolerance…right? 

In any case, whatever and however my last days on this earth are played out I know where I will find my refuge in time of trouble.  Of this, I have NO doubt. 

In Christ,


One Response to “Finding Comfort In Times Of Trouble”

  1. Marion5522 said

    Well said Jeff. Very well said.

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