A Few Quick Thoughts

August 27, 2010

It is obvious I haven’t been taking part in this BLOG as planned and for that I apologize.  I will admit that I have just felt totally overwhelmed at times.

My two teenage boys went to Church Camp back in June and both of them had made public decisions that my wife and I had been praying for.  My 16-year-old who is the type 1 diabetic and who is the cause of so much unnecessary grief in our home got up in front of his peers and said he was tired of  living his life away from God and was rededicating his life to Him.

My 13-year-old who a couple of years ago, while spending the night with a friend and going to church with him, went down during that church service and made a profession of faith with his friend. He too got up in front of his peers and talked about how he felt that he had surrendered to peer pressure when going up front that night.  This time he said he had truly accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and even got up another time to share from his heart what God was doing with his life at camp.

The night we went to pick them up from church after they got back, we couldn’t be more excited as several youth pastors came up to my wife and I and told us our sons had some things they needed to talk to us about.  I knew by the smile on their faces when they said it what had happened…God had answered our prayers.

Now for the fun part.  Since then, our home has been in such derision emotionally and spiritually that many times, I don’t even recognize my own family.  I have NO doubt that my children and my family in general have spiritual bulls eyes on their backs because of their innermost desire to want to follow God.

The enemy of our souls is doing everything possible to keep true Peace from entering our home and finding rest.  In short, I have found myself in a war for the peace of my family that even I underestimated would happen in my own home.  This is potentially deadly serious.  With my oldest being insulin dependent and now driving and any time we try to just talk to him and get a response that sounds like it comes from the pit of hell itself is taxing on the soul to put it mildly.

I know that what we are going through is nothing new and isn’t anything compared to the majority of people.  I actually wear this as a badge of honor that my family would draw so much attention from the armies of darkness because we must be really be a threat to the plans of the evil one.

I share this with you that you may understand the burden that has been on my heart.  I have not been able to drag myself to this BLOG and write a new entry worth reading because I feel so spiritually horse whipped. 

I do want to ask any who read this for one thing; Please pray for my dear wife who just started the school year and is back to teaching.  This year her team got bumped up from 5th to 6th grade.  She is under more than she knows what to do with even though she would never admit it. I am asking that you pray that God gently break her to the point that all the worries that she daily caries will be cast upon the Lord as it says in 1 Peter 5:7.  Please pray she have the encounter with God that she has never had and will become the beautiful daughter of the King that He has always desired.

She is my wife but at the same time she is my Sister in Christ and because of that, I want the best for her spiritually. I want to see her become the Mother to her children that she knows she can be and wants to be but with the realization that it can only happen through the Grace of Jesus Christ working through her willing spirit.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing me out.  I am very tired as I write this but as I do each Friday, I look forward to spending “Happy” times with my family over the weekend only to see that weekend be disrupted by the powers of hell itself.

It is time for that to stop and for me to lead my family to victory in the Name of Jesus Christ.

God bless you all and lead you down His path of Peace.

In Christ,


One Response to “A Few Quick Thoughts”

  1. Marion5522 said

    Beautiful. Will be praying for you and yours, in particular God’s peace and rest both spiritually and physically.

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