Thank You Soldier

May 31, 2010

I don’t want this to be just another Memorial Day that goes by for me.  If I can do something to honor all the brave heroes who are serving now and have served in the past…especially those who paid the supreme sacrifice I will gladly do so.

I did not come from a military family.  My Grandfather on my Dad’s side served in the Army in World War II.  I know next to nothing about his experience.  He was not one to talk about his days in service to this country.  Over the years I have only picked up bits and pieces. I know that he served in the Philippines during the war.  From what I understand, the reason he never spoke of his experience is because he suffered from what we now know as post traumatic stress syndrome.

My understanding was he was driving his jeep past a mine field one morning when a little girl, around the age of seven began wandering into the field.  He immediately pulled the jeep over and tried to stop the girl as she was already in the field.  She didn’t understand English and couldn’t have known of the horror that was planted there…waiting.

He helplessly watched as her foot stepped on a mine and she was instantly torn apart.  This is all I know from his time in service to our nation in World War II. I always loved my Grandpa.  He was an alcoholic, chain-smoking old man who didn’t talk much.  But I loved him because he was my Grandpa and he was always kind to me.  When he did speak it was always in a very slow, hushed tone.

I have been told his smoking and alcoholism was due to the war.  He did not have a good life…period.  He was the son of a share cropper growing up and his life never did meet what would be called the world’s expectations.  He suffered greatly physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I won’t go into detail but all the memories I have of him are good but very sad.

I will never know what he experienced.  He took his nightmares to the grave with him when he passed away.  War is a terrible but necessary price to pay for freedom.  I pray my children never have to experience it.  With what little I can do, I want to dedicate the video below to every man and woman that has served and is serving now so that we may enjoy the freedoms we so many times take for granted.

May God grant you all His Peace, Rest, Wisdom, Grace and Mercy as you are willing to lay down your life for me and my family.  God bless you all.

In Christ,


3 Responses to “Thank You Soldier”

  1. Marion5522 said


  2. Jeff D said

    Thank you Marion. I pray you had a blessed Memorial Day.

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