Take My Heart and Make Me New

May 11, 2010

There are times when I need total refreshing and nourishment by God’s Holy Spirit.  We all do.  After having just watched the trailer to a movie which I will not speak of here, I feel violated in my spirit.  I made a post about this on L.A. Marzulli’s BLOG.

This was because I saw a link with a title that piqued the inner depths of my debased human nature.  I had no idea that my curiosity would lead to such revolting feelings.  Why did I peruse the link in the first place?  Because I research popular culture to try to stay on the cutting edge of what is happening in our fallen world to be a Watchman on the Wall for those who willingly sleep while war wages all around them.  This is part of my calling from God Almighty.

As in any war there are casualties.  I just became one. I need the Great Physician to heal the mental images that are now locked in my brain from what I just saw…by my own free will.  One of the biggest problems is that I did not pray before going to the site of the movie review.  I know better.  This is the effect of being spiritually lazy. This is the consequence I am paying.

Let it be noted that this is a hard lesson learned.  Please know I want no harm to come to anyone.  I know I now have created great curiosity in your own mind now.  I am sorry for that.  That is truly the nature of the beast…literally.  Our carnal desires will sometimes get the best of us even when we are prayed up and have our spiritual armor on.  Our enemy knows all our weaknesses better than we do many times.  I unfortunately gave the enemy a path to not sneak but walk right in my mind and affect my spirit as a result.

Below is a song by the Christian band Kutless.  Someone else used their artistic interpretation in putting the video together as the video is not by Kutless. They are one of my oldest son’s favorite bands.  The song is called, “Ready For You”.  This was the first time I heard the song and am glad I did.  I am now sharing it with you and then going to spend some quite time with the Lord cleansing my soul.

In Christ,



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